Who I Am, and Why You Should Care

Welcome to the first post of my new blog. I’m Sierra, and I’ll be your guide through this adventure.

I am currently a college student studying veterinary medicine in preparation for veterinary school in a beautiful city on the southern east coast. I have a dog named Caesar that is surely my soul mate, nine mini cacti (one of which is dying. I never claimed to have a green thumb, try as I might), a novel I’m determined to publish, and three roommates that hate the fact that they love me.

The purpose of this blog is, in essence, whatever I want it to be. Whether I feel like posting about something I’m feeling particularly passionate about, a new hobby or skill picked up, or updates on Me, Myself, and I. The joys of free will.

I intend to keep my posts relevant, however. This leads into the part of why you should care about my posts. Over the years I’ve noticed that people as a whole have allowed themselves to believe in whatever is set in front of them, and have ceased seeking out truth and knowledge as a result. Going off the name of this blog, it is my goal to expel the goggles and show to people another view that might not have been previously considered.

With that vague description in mind, I do hope you enjoy your stay~