I’m Sierra, and I’ll be your guide through this adventure. I am currently a college student studying veterinary medicine in preparation for veterinary school in a beautiful city on the southern east coast. I have a dog named Caesar that is surely my soul mate, nine mini cacti (one of which is dying. I never claimed to have a green thumb), a novel I’m determined to publish, and three roommates that hate the fact that they love me.

Along with being a pre-veterinary student I am a volunteer with my local no-kill shelter, work at a certified boarding and training kennel, am working toward my own dog trainer certification, and will soon be certified in both human and animal CPR. I have also worked in dog kennels, grew up on a horse and cattle ranch, and have worked with licensed breeders since I was old enough to hold a shovel, both top of the line and puppy mills that I aided in shutting down.

Some of the topics you’ll be seeing on this blog: psychology and mental disorders, sexuality and sexual deviancy, anti-radfem stances, animal rights, medical news, personal updates, how-to’s, reviews, and generally anything that crosses my fancy.

Please note that these blog posts come from me and me alone, and are therefore either my personal thoughts and opinions or come from sources I found and interpreted. ie, not all opinions are going to gel with every reader, and it is my hope those that aren’t gelling will respond in a mature manner.


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